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The Seven Dead Husbands of Marie Costillo

San Juan Bautista is a small agricultural town in California with numerous points of interest, including Spanish missions dating back to the 18th century and adobe houses dating back to the time when Alta California was a province of New Spain predominately populated by native Ohlone Indians.

However, while the area is rich in Spanish, Mexican and Native American history, one of the most intriguing chapters in the history of San Juan Bautista is the strange life of Marie Prieto Costillo-- a beautiful Mexican woman whose seven husbands all met with terrible and unusual deaths in the latter part of the 19th century.

And, perhaps stranger still, the supposed curse of the Black Widow of San Juan did not discourage potential suitors; her reputation and destructive beauty were rumored to be so great that men continued to beg for her hand in marriage, long after her last husband was dead and buried.

Marie Prieto was nineteen when she married her first husband, a young cattle rancher from Ranch…

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