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Clementine Barnabet and the Voodoo Cult Murders of 1911

From Ted Bundy to John Wayne Gacy, serial killers have fascinated the American public for decades, while becoming household names in the process. However, there was one American serial killer whose name has been all but forgotten, even though she was a more prolific murderer than either Bundy or Gacy-- and her methods far more brutal. Even more astounding is the fact that she claimed 35 victims before the age of eighteen. This is the strange story of Clementine Barnabet and the Voodoo Cult Murders of 1911.

Clementine Barnabet was born in St. Martinville, Louisiana, in 1894. At the age of fifteen she moved to Lafayette along with her mother, Nina, and her abusive father, Raymond, and a brother named Zephirin. Shortly after the Barnabets settled in Lafayette, Clementine's father became fascinated by a local group of black religious zealots who called themselves the Church of Sacrifice. The members of this cult believed that, through the taking of life, they could achieve physical im…

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