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The Stone-Throwing Ghost of Wetzel County

Situated along the Ohio River in northwestern West Virginia, rural Wetzel County is home to just fifteen thousand souls. It's county seat, and largest city, is New Martinsville, which boasts five thousand residents. However, back in the time of Henry Nolan, the population of the newly-settled village of New Martinsville was scarcely three hundred.

As one might expect, a man's word was his bond back in those days and in order to survive and keep peace with the neighbors, farmers like Henry Nolan had to be men of reputation-- loyal, practical, hard-working, God-fearing and, above all, honest. That's why the story of the Nolan family and their strange encounter with a rock-hurling poltergeist is remarkable. Such hard-to-believe stories have a way of tarnishing a folk's reputation. And, back in 1873, Henry Nolan had a great deal to lose by telling such a story; he was the wealthiest and most respectable person in Wetzel County.

Henry lived near New Martinsville, on the ba…

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