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The Transgendered Warriors of the Ojibwe

Ozaawindib ("Yellow Head"), a famed Ojibwe warrior

The Ojibwe share a fascinating system of beliefs.  One such belief is that the two genders are not male and female, but animate and inanimate.  This allowed the Ojibwe to develop a complex society in which "traditional" gender roles were not important.  Members of the tribe contributed to their communities and families in whichever way they felt was best.  They were the career moms and stay-at-home dads centuries before these terms became popular.  In fact, many Ojibwe warriors were transgendered.  Known as egwakweg, these transsexuals were honored and revered because they were "two-spirited", or niizh manidoowag.  It boggles the mind to think that these so-called "primitive" people were so many centuries ahead of their time, because even in the 21st century most "civilized" societies have yet to come to terms with transgender issues.

While some people may smirk at the thought of trans…

Is Sleep Paralysis Related to UFO Activity?

Editor's Note: This is an interesting first-hand account of sleep paralysis by JOTB regular contributor Marlin Bressi, whose opinions challenge the theory that a connection exists between sleep paralysis and paranormal activity.  In fact, Mr. Bressi is the only person (that we know of) who claims to be able to induce sleep paralysis at will!

The first time I experienced sleep paralysis as a young adult, I was convinced that I had experienced a paranormal occurrence.  To the uninformed, it is a scary experience; you are awake, yet you cannot move your limbs, and this phenomenon is often accompanied by distortions in hearing and vision which produce an eerie feeling.  In fact, anyone who has ever read or seen anything about UFO abductions will immediately link the characteristics of alleged UFO abduction and sleep paralysis.  The symptoms are astoundingly similar in both cases.

My initial theory that UFO activity and sleep paralysis were inexorably connected was discarded sh…

DNA tests to be performed on Buxton Mermaid

During the 19th century, the "golden era" of sideshows and traveling carnivals, it was not uncommon to find a mummified mermaid on display.  Of course, many of these mermaids were hoaxes, but the Buxton Mermaid (which now resides at the University of Lincoln) has continued to raise questions because it appears quite realistic.

Researchers have already concluded that the mermaid's hair is 100% human, and with DNA tests now underway it will be quite interesting to see how this whole investigation pans out.  A real mermaid?  Perhaps not, but at least the world will soon be able to learn more about the identity of this mummified curiosity.

Read the full BBC News story here

300 year old mummified cat falls through ceiling

According to the U.K.s  Daily Mail Online, a couple renovating a home in North Yorkshire got quite a surprise when an 18th century mummified feline fell through the ceiling.

While the kitty corpse is unusual in itself, it is part of an age-old British tradition.  Dead cats were often stuffed inside of walls during construction in order to ward off evil spirits (and scare the bejeezus out of mice).

Read the full article from the U.K. Daily Mail here: