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25 Similarities Between The Rocky Horror Picture show and Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory

It's that time of year again, when the leaves begin to fall and children go trick-or-treating, and people all over the world grow nostalgic for the 1975 cult classic film, The Rocky Horror Picture Show.  The Halloween season is also the time of year for candy, and nothing satisfies our cinematic sweet tooth like the 1971 favorite, Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.  These two beloved films have become autumnal favorites, but have you ever stopped to take notice how much these two films have in common?  We have!  Below you will find a list of similarities between the two movies, ranging from the painfully obvious to the downright obscure.

1. Both films have an eccentric main character.  Willy Wonka is a mad candymaker, while Dr. Frank-N-Furter is a mad scientist.

2. Both films are adaptations.  Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory is an adaptation of Roald Dahl's 1964 novel Charlie and the Chocolate FactoryThe Rocky Horror Picture Show is a film adaptation of Richard O&#…

JOTB Analysis of the Washington State Bigfoot Video

The cryptozoology world has been abuzz lately, thanks to photos of an "unknown creature" which was captured on a trail cam by members of Extreme Expeditions Ltd. during a recent two week expedition in Washington State's North Cascades National Park.  On September 4 of this year, the team's trailcam captured what appears to be a large figure crouching by the remnants of a campfire while the team of researchers slumbered nearby.

A film clip and photos of the creature (which can be viewed on the Extreme Expeditions Ltd. website) were analyzed by Jeff Meldrum, Professor of Anatomy and Anthropology at Idaho State University and Ian Redmond, a field biologist.  While Meldrum and Redmond could not explain the creature, they also could not conclusively rule the footage as fake.  On October 21, Extreme Expeditions published the independent analyses conducted by crytozoologists Dale A. Drinnon and Damian Bravo, which speculates that the "mystery creature" possessed a…

Bigfoot Sightings and Circus Train Wrecks: A Possible Link?

Skeptics who attempt to refute alleged Bigfoot sightings have offered countless explanations over the years; some more reasonable than others.  One explanation which deserves more attention is the possibility that many of these sightings can potentially be traced back to circus train derailments. 

Dozens of wrecks involving circus trains took place during the late 19th and early 20th centuries, resulting in exotic animals turning up some strange places.  One such incident took place in 1893, in a heavily-forested region of central Pennsylvania shielded by the Bald Eagle and Nittany Mountains.  On Memorial Day, 1893, a tragic train wreck involving the Walter L. Main Circus occurred three miles north of the town of Tyrone.  Five people were killed, and scores of circus animals escaped, unable to be captured.

According to the June 2, 1893 story which appeared in the Democratic Watchman:

"Of the animals, all escaped from their cages. Early arrivals at the scene say that strange animal…

"Bagel Head" Trend Sweeps Japan

"Bagel Head" forehead injections, in which saline is inserted into the forehead in order to produce a donut-shaped protrusion, have become all the rage in Japan.  While this form of extreme body modification may sound bizarre to the Western world, this trend has been growing in popularity among the Japanese since 2009, when the "bagel head" form of self-expression was pioneered by an artist by the name of Keroppy.

Now, thanks to a recent episode of "National Geographic Taboo" which aired on September 27, American audiences are getting their first glimpse of the trend and, judging by the popularity of the term "Bagel Head" in Google searches in recent days, it just may be a matter of time until this form of body art sweeps across the U.S.

This leads us to wonder what's next in the world of body mods.  Perhaps elective amputations will be next the next form of extreme modification, as trend-conscious teens lop off fingers and toes in order to m…