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Was Sandy Hook a Hoax? Part 10: Adam's Arsenal

As stated in our previous post, evidence seems to suggest that the powers-that-be in the state of Connecticut have been intentionally altering official documents pertaining to the Sandy Hook massacre with the sole intention of pushing forward an anti-gun and anti-video game agenda.

Earlier today, authorities released some new information about the items seized from Adam Lanza's home and car, as well as statements given by neighbors and witnesses.  In our previous post, we pointed out that the Associated Press confirmed that a Danbury judge had redacted the names of these alleged witnesses and deleted multiple paragraphs from the official documents which today were released by the media.

State Attorney Sedensky stated that the names were redacted out of concerns that the alleged witnesses would become possible targets of retaliation.  This, of course, makes little sense, since the lone perpetrator killed himself.

As predicted, today's new developments contain several red flags which possibly indicate the likelihood of an official cover-up.

For instance, let's examine an extremely peculiar statement given by this alleged witness.  According to the New York Times:

In the documents released on Thursday, prosecutors redacted the names of witnesses interviewed by the police, but shared some of what they said.

The day of the shooting, agents from the Federal Bureau of Investigation interviewed a person who said Mr. Lanza rarely left his home. The witness considered Mr. Lanza to be a “shut-in and an avid gamer who plays ‘Call of Duty,’ amongst other games,” according to a law-enforcement affidavit accompanying the warrants.

So, Adam Lanza was by all accounts a recluse who rarely left his house, and spent the majority of his time playing ultra-violent video games in the basement of his mother's home.  Yet, an unnamed witness was somehow able to ascertain that Adam was playing "Call of Duty"?  Unbelievable.

That's like saying, "George Wilson lives up the street from me, but I've only seen him a handful of times because he lives in his parents' basement.  However, I know for a fact that every night at 12:30, George turns his TV to Lifetime and watches re-runs of the Golden Girls."

The only way this "witness" would know this information would be if he/she had been using binoculars to peek into Adam's window and spy on him!  And even this is hard to believe, since earlier official reports indicated that Lanza had covered the windows in his bedroom.

The only other possible explanation is that this mystery "witness" was lying to the FBI agents.

If this is the alleged witness whose name had been redacted to protect his or her safety, as claimed by Stephen Sedensky, what harm would come of revealing the name?  We find it impossible to believe that such a statement would be grounds for retaliatory action (especially since the perpetrator has been dead since December).

The more likely explanation is that this "witness" never existed in the first place, and is nothing more than a creation invented by either the FBI or the Connecticut investigators in order to "sell the narrative".
If we were to use the same logic, we could invent derogatory claims about anyone and anything and pass it off as the truth:

"According to an anonymous witness, President Obama likes to wear women's underwear."

"According to an unnamed witness, Donald Trump is currently dating a 14-year-old Pakistani boy."

"Based on statements made by an anonymous witness, we have concluded that Mitt Romney has nine illegitimate children from seven different women."

The whole point of sharing affidavits with the media is to present the public with facts.  However, by white-washing these affidavits and deleting multiple paragraphs, the authorities in Connecticut have managed to omit the only thing that really matters- the facts.

For those who are interested, here is the list of items seized by the authorities.  Notice that the original list of items was not submitted until December 28- a full two weeks after the shooting took place.  Also notice that the list of knives or swords were not submitted to the court until January 7.

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