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Unicorn Skull Discovered in Cave?

On April 27 of this year, we received an email from a gentleman residing in Allenwood, Pennsylvania, who claimed to have found the skull of a unicorn tucked inside a wooden box in a small cave in White Deer Township, Union County. 

This gentleman (whose name has been withheld in order to protect his identity) was enjoying the recent mild temperatures by hiking in the Tiadaghton State Forest, in an area between White Deer Creek and Nittany Mountain, when he came across a small opening between several moss-covered boulders.  Upon displacing some of the rocks, he found a shallow cave of about ten feet in length and three feet in height.  At the end of the cavern was a rough-hewn wooden box with rusted metal bindings and inside this box was an animal skull- with a horn protruding from its forehead.

After making this bizarre discovery, the hiker rummaged through the dirt beneath the box and discovered a cache consisting of several glass beads, fragments of a clay pot, and a hunk of heavi…

False Flag Warning: July Biological Attack Predicted for WV (Part 2)

Gubernatorial Candidate Claims Boy Scout Jamboree May Be Target

In our previous post, we discussed the recent claim made by Nevada gubernatorial candidate David Lory VanDerBeek, who believes that the 2013 National Scout Jamboree, to be held near Mount Hope, West Virginia, may be the target of a FEMA false flag event in July.

VanDerBeek alleges that he has obtained inside information which suggests the possibility of a biological attack, and JOTB has decided to investigate the matter further, by following the FEMA "money trail" in West Virginia.  Our theory is that, if FEMA really does stage false flag events, they do so by channeling funds from grants awarded to emergency responders.  These cash handouts may then be used to finance false flag events, without leaving much of a paper trail.

(Editor's note:  For a complete explanation, please read Part 1 of this article)

Since December of 2011, FEMA has given 35 grants to emergency responders in 31 towns in West Virginia.  Th…

False Flag Warning: July Biological Attack Predicted for WV (Part 1)

Gubernatorial Candidate Claims Boy Scout Jamboree May Be Target

David Lory VanDerBeek, a 2014 gubernatorial candidate from Nevada, claims that he has reason to believe that the next "false flag" event may occur at the 2013 National Scout Jamboree, possibly in the form of a biological attack.  VanDerBeek, who himself attained the rank of Eagle Scout, stated last week on his website that insider sources notified him of a “FEMA mass casualty drill” slated for the month of July.  He added that information regarding the drill has been kept secret from the public.

VanDerBeek points to the fact that, after nearly three decades, the location of the Jamboree had been moved to The Summit Bechtel Family National Scout Reserve near Mount Hope, West Virginia.  The annual event- which attracts around 50,000 scouts- has traditionally been held at Virginia's Fort A.P. Hill, an active duty army base.

VanDerBeek stated that the new location does not offer the same level of accessibility o…

More on "Mystery Booms"

We've posted several articles about the persistent "unexplained" booms and explosions which have been taking place with increasing frequency around the United States in recent months.  We say "unexplained" because although we believe we have explained this phenomenon, so-called researchers continue to overlook the mounting pile of evidence we have compiled, which seems to suggest that these unexplained booms are not the result of secret military experiments or extraterrestrial activity, but are related to illegal mining for silica sand- a commodity worth it's weight in gold because of its importance in the hydraulic fracturing ("fracking") process.

In previous posts, we have established an indisputable link between the locations of these mystery booms and the presence of legal silica mining operations.  Additionally, we have discovered that the frequency of these booms tend to increase during periods of high demand for industrial silica and "…

LUCIFER: The Vatican Prepares for Alien Visitation

Authors of a new book claim that Vatican astronomers are keeping their eyes open for an alien savior, with the help of a highly-sophisticated instrument known as LUCIFER, which is an acronym for "Large Binocular Telescope Near-infrared Utility with Camera and Integral Field Unit for Extragalactic Research".  This apparatus is located on Mt. Graham in southeastern Arizona and is attached to a telescope owned by the University of Arizona.

Tom Horn and Chris Putnam are the authors of Exo-Vaticana: Petrus Romanus, Project LUCIFER, and the Vatican’s astonishing plan for the arrival of an alien savior.  The book's authors claim that they have obtained documents which states that the Vatican believes that we are soon to be visited by an "alien savior" from another planet.

The book relies heavily on statements made by Guy Consolmagno, a planetary scientist at the Vatican Observatory.  In a 2010 interview, Consolmagno told The Guardian that he would be willing to bapt…

Jay-Z Time Traveler Pic Explained

By now, most of our readers have seen the now-famous black and white photograph from 1939 which depicts a man from Harlem who bears an uncanny resemblance to rapper Jay-Z.  The photo created quite a buzz in recent days, after it was discovered by a New York Public Library digital curator.

Naturally, it didn't take long before outlandish explanations and wild theories began to surface.  Some allege that Jay-Z is a vampire who, in reality, is hundreds (and maybe even thousands) of years old.  Some insist that Jay-Z is a member of the Illuminati, owing to the fact that many pop and rap stars were seen sporting Illuminati-themed jewelry and paraphernalia after the 2013 Grammys.  This, of course, may simply be the latest of any number of flamboyant fashion trends rooted in urban subculture.

However, one explanation put forward by Inquisitr really takes the cake:

The most plausible theory is that Jay-Z is a time traveler. The singer recently wrote several songs for the movie The Great G…

UFO Sightings in Canada Dramatically Increase

This week, Winnipeg-based Ufology Research published the results of its annual survey and the group's findings are quite interesting.  According to the survey, more UFOs have been spotted in the province of Manitoba during 2012 than during any year in recorded history.  There were 124 sightings in 2012, compared to 81 in the previous year.  The last time more than 100 sightings have occurred in the course of a single year was 2004.

Similarly, record numbers of UFO sightings have been reported in every other province, with the exception of Prince Edward Island and Saskatchewan.  In total, 1,981 unexplained flying objects were reported in Canada in 2012, easily exceeding the previous record of 1,004 in 2008.  About 40% of last year's reported sightings took place in Ontario.

According to Ufology Research director Chris Rutkowski, these reports described UFOs of every possible shape, size, and color:

"Octagon shape things [and] things that were amorphous, without any defined…

Adam Lanza's Toxicology Results Released

Did the Feds Plant "Evidence" to Push Anti-Gun Agenda?

Five months after Sandy Hook, the long-awaited toxicology results are finally in.  According to the report prepared by Chief Medical Examiner Dr. H. Wayne Carver, no prescription drugs or illegal substances were found in Adam Lanza's body.

An article published today by Mail Online quotes Mary Ellen O'Toole, a former FBI profiler, who stated that Lanza's test results support the theory that his attack was focused and well planned.  The Mail Online article goes on to state that investigators had previously confiscated a number of self-help books from Lanza's home, including "Look at Me: My Life With Asperger's", "Born on a Blue Day: Inside the Mind of an Autistic Savant", "Train Your Brain to Get Happy".  An NRA guide to shooting was also found in the home, along with an NRA certificate bearing Adam Lanza's name.

This is interesting, because on March 28, Journal of the B…

New Immigration Bill would add YOU to National Database

News outlets have casually reported that the Senate has begun debating over immigration reform.  However, what the media failed to mention was that, buried somewhere in the 800 pages of bipartisan legislation is a provision mandating the creation of a national biometric database.  Administered by the Department of Homeland Security, this database would contain the names, Social Security numbers and photographs of everyone in the country with a driver’s license or other state-issued photo ID.

This new legislation would require employers to look up every new hire, in order to verify that their name matches up with their picture.  Known as the Border Security, Economic Opportunity, and Immigration Modernization Act, this bill has already attracted the attention of groups such as the American Civil Liberties Union.  Chris Calabrese, an ACLU lobbyist, states, "It starts to change the relationship between the citizen and state, you do have to get permission to do things. M…

The evolution of the FEMA logo

In 2003, FEMA- an agency under the direction of the Department of Homeland Security- changed its logo.  Many people believe this was done because the old logo (pictured above)contained "occult" symbology.
The old logo, an adaptation of the Great Seal of the United States, was chosen to represent vigilance and preparedness.  The eagle is holding a banner proclaiming PACE AC BELLO MERITA, which means "Service in Peace and War," which alludes to the agency's responsibility in all types of natural and man-made emergencies.  However, it is the symbol which appeared over the head of the eagle which startled some people; a triangle (pyramid) surrounded by a circle.

This symbol has been a popular occult symbol since ancient times.  In Satanism, the triangle inside the circle is known as the Thaumaturgic Circle.  It is commonly used in demon- conjuring and spellcasting ceremonies, since the triangle represents the doorway to the spirit realm, and the circle symbolizes …

FEMA to stage massive drill at Pennsylvania amusement park

Will Dorney Park be the site of the government's next false flag operation?

It's no secret that whenever tragedy has struck in America recently, the federal government was conducting large-scale disaster preparedness drills nearby.  From the Newtown shooting to the Boston bombing to the chemical plant explosion in West, Texas, the folks at FEMA have an uncanny track record of popping up a few miles away from disasters, mere hours before the tragedy develops.  Will May 13 be any different?

On May 13, hundreds of emergency responders within FEMA's Region III jurisdiction will descend upon Dorney Park and Wildwater Kingdom near Allentown, effectively turning the entire Lehigh Valley region of eastern Pennsylvania into a mock scene of mass casualties.  The Allentown Morning Callstates:

"With the terror of the Boston Marathon fresh in mind, Dorney Park & Wildwater Kingdom will be the site of a large-scale emergency preparedness drill on May 13.  The drill, sponsored by t…

The Origin of Bigfoot: Offspring of Apes and Indians?

Most Bigfoot researchers are aware of the fact that the word sasquatch was coined by a Canadian schoolteacher, J.W. Burns, in the 1920s, and that the earliest known "evidence" of Bigfoot was found in 1811, when a trader named David Thompson discovered strange 14-inch-long footprints in Alberta.  However, very few Bigfoot researchers are aware of a 1904 newspaper article which offers an even older explanation for the famed ape-like creature's appearance in North America.

On July 8, 1904, the Walla Walla Evening Statesman printed an article about a Bigfoot-like creature spotted in British Columbia by Mike King.  King was a friend of the Indians, and sought an explanation for the ape-like humanoid creature.  The explanation given to King by the Indians contrasts sharply with the traditional native folklore most of us are familiar with. 

According to King, the local tribes claimed that the history of the North American Bigfoot dates back to the days of Spanish occupation of…