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Ground Sloths and the Virginia Trail Cam Bigfoot, Part 2

We've received numerous emails about our recent examination of the Virginia trail cam "Bigfoot", in which we speculated that the shaggy creature captured on video may be the (supposedly) long-extinct ground sloth.  Feedback to our theory has run the gamut from supportive to downright hostile (who knew that folks were so passionate about unidentified hairy objects?).  Evidently, this mystery creature from Virginia has aroused the passions and imaginations of many, ourselves included.  As a result, we feel compelled to expound on our theory that the ground sloth is alive and well, and lurking in the forests of North America.

Let's turn our attention to sightings of the supposedly extinct ground sloth and other compelling evidence which supports our theory that this creature still roams the wilds.

1886: Argentine explorer Ramon Lista, who would later become governor of Santa Cruz, claimed to have seen a ground sloth during a Patagonian expedition.

1897: Dr. F.P Moreno of…

Stunning Bigfoot Breakthrough?

JOTB Analyzes Virginia Trail Cam Bigfoot

Every once in a while, even we are confounded and bewildered by the results of one of our own investigations.  Our analysis of the shaggy cryptid caught on a trail cam in Virginia is one such example.  The image of this mysterious creature, recently released by Roger William, has been creating quite a buzz around the Bigfoot and cryptozoology community in recent days, stumping even the most experienced cryptozoologists, and we believe that we may have solved the mystery of this creature's identity.

On August 27, the Bigfoot Evidence blog sought the opinion of Bizarre Zoology's Jay Cooney, who surmised:

"While the animal's stretched forelimb and apparent long hair made me wonder if this could be an actual wood ape, other features of its anatomy make it clear what its identity truly is. Its hind limbs/hind quarters make it obvious that this is a habitual quadruped, as they lack the hallmarks of biped anatomy such as calves and pr…

Dentist Hopes to Clone a Beatle

Dr. Michael Zuk, the dentist who purchased John Lennon's molar at a 2011 auction for $31,000, stated recently that he wants to have the decaying tooth genetically sequenced, in the hopes that John Lennon can one day be cloned.

According to NBC News, Dr. Zuk has sent out a press release detailing his plans for Lennon's DNA.  In his press release, Zuk states:

"I am nervous and excited at the possibility that we will be able to fully sequence John Lennon's DNA, very soon I hope.  With researchers working on ways to clone mammoths, the same technology certainly could make human cloning a reality."

Area 51 Declassified: What Does It Mean?

One of the top news stories this past week has been the declassification of CIA documents which acknowledge the existence of Area 51.  According to Fox News, George Washington University's National Security Archive managed to obtain a CIA history of the U-2 spy plane program through a freedom of information request and released it late last week.  These documents differed from similar documents requested in 2002, in which all references to Area 51 had been erased.

National Security Archive senior fellow Jeffrey Richelson, who has been studying Area 51 for over a decade, told the Las Vegas Sun that this "marks an end of official secrecy about the facts of Area 51," adding, “It opens up the possibility that future accounts of this and other aerial projects will be less redacted, more fully explained in terms of their presence in Area 51.”

With all due respect to Mr. Richelson, these newly-released CIA documents, while interesting, should not under any circumstances be regar…

Mark of the Beast: Is the government planning to make us glow in the dark?

Ever since a team of Uruguayan scientists produced a glow-in-the-dark sheep earlier this year, scientists around the world have been injecting fluorescent jellyfish proteins into virtually every critter that walks, swims, barks, or quacks.  Earlier this week, researchers announced that they have successfully created cloned glow-in-the-dark rabbits.

The latest researchers involved in producing glowing animals are from the University of Hawaii's Institute for Biogenesis Research, and have produced a litter of eight rabbits, two of which glow bright green in the dark.  Dr. Stefan Moisyadi, a biogenesis researcher from Hawaii's Institute for Biogenesis Research, claims that the rabbits are not affected by the fluorescent protein and will have the same life expectancy and regular non-glowing rabbits.  "And on top of it, their fur is beginning to grow and the greenness is shining right through their fur. It’s so intense,” added Dr. Moisyadi.

According to the scientists invo…

Will Sandy Hook Become the Next Area 51?

Last week, Connecticut's Newtown Bee printed a story about the scene of the Sandy Hook elementary school shooting, as it now appears more than seven months after the incident.  While the tone of the article manages to capture the disdain and hostility that the local citizenry seems to have for travelers wishing to pay their respects, the article reveals a more disturbing picture of America's most famous crime scene; a picture complete with concrete barricades, hidden cameras, chainlink fences, and "public servants" who like to run visitors out of town.

"There is no reason to go there.  There is no memorial," warns Zandra Thompson, a cashier at the Sandy Hook Deli.  According to the Bee's article, the deli sees three or four people a week attempting to visit Sandy Hook and pay their respects, some from as far away as the deep South. 

Not far from the deli is the Sandy Hook Diner, whose owners claim that two or three travelers a week stop in to ask abou…