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Mystery Booms, Hums, Rumbles and Other Acoustic Mysteries Explained

Think "Mystery Booms" are a modern phenomena? Think Again.

If you're a fan of Linda Moulton Howe'sEarthfiles or a frequent listener of Coast to Coast AM, chances are you're familiar with the phenomenon of "mystery booms"- unexplained rumblings, strange tremors, and loud explosions- which some researchers insist have been happening with astounding frequency in recent years. Some of these experts insist that mystery booms are the result of top secret military operations. Others claim that mystery booms are linked to UFO phenomena. Still others insist that these strange tremblings are a sure sign of the impending Apocalypse or a harbinger of End Times.

While numerous explanations have been put forth, one thing researchers all seem to agree on is that mystery booms, much like crop circles, cattle mutilation, and black eyed children (a.k.a. BEKs), are a fairly recent development in the annals of human civilization.

This, however, is not the case.

The fact of t…

Debunked: Ghost "Knockdown" Video

The paranormal community has been buzzing about this recent video, which appears to be surveillance camera footage showing a man knocked to the ground by a shadowy phantom and dragged along a hallway. The specter then disappears, giving the startled man an opportunity to rise to his feet and run for his life.
A very enthralling video, but is it legit?

The video, which has drawn more than a million hits on YouTube, has strong support from both believers and skeptics alike, with some viewers even posting that similar experiences have happened to them.

JOTB has reviewed and debunked several videos and photos, and we can say with confidence that this spine-tingling video is, indeed, a fake- and not even a very good one.

The most obvious clue can be found in the timestamp.

The "phantom" first makes contact with the unsuspecting and unidentified male at 23:43:27:01 and the man is dragged along the ground for a short distance until the timestamp reads 23:43:31:04-- an encounter lasting…