Armpit hair fire causes SUV crash

Photo by Ida County sheriff's department

Five teenagers in Idaho managed to miraculously dodge the natural selection bullet earlier this week after a horrendous SUV crash, which occurred when one of the passengers took out a lighter and lit the driver's armpit hair on fire.

The Ada County, Idaho, sheriff's department stated the rollover occurred after a 16-year-old boy in the front seat lit 18-year-old Tristian Myers' armpit hair on fire while Myers was driving. 

Authorities cited Myers with inattentive driving, while the 16-year-old armpit arsonist was cited for interfering with the driver's safety (and being a grade-A, first-class moron). The passenger's name wasn't released, out of fear for his safety. After all, with stupidity such as his, it's likely someone would've kidnapped the teenager and given him a forced vasectomy in order to ensure that he wouldn't reproduce.

Deputies also said none of the teens was wearing a seatbelt, and there was evidence Myers was driving too fast.

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