Amazing discovery in Lake Champlain!

Has the mystery of Lake Champlain's sea monster been solved?

In what may be the biggest recent discovery in the world of cryptozoology, a monster has been found in Lake Champlain.

Or, to be more precise, a beluga whale has been found inhabiting the waters of Lake Champlain, on the Vermont and New York border, a lake famous for its own curious cryptid known to locals as Champ. Could this giant salt water creature explain the dozens of Nessie-like Champ sightings recorded over the years? Perhaps a more interesting question is, how can a salt water creature manage to survive in a freshwater environment?

Champ hunters Dennis Hall has and Katy Elizabeth caught strange noises on underwater audio equipment and recorded a rare vocalization which has all the tell-tale signatures of a beluga whale. Elizabeth stated: "I was listening with the hydrophone and all of the sudden I started hearing 'eekeeekeek,' like monkey noises and it was strange and then clicking like 'click, click, click.'"

This is not the first time a beluga whale's vocalization has been caught on audio at Lake Champlain; there's also a recording captured by the Fauna Communications Research Institute in 2003, states

The team's recording is presently being analyzed by marine biologists to determine whether or not it was indeed a beluga whale making the noises. If confirmed, this provides a possible explanation for numerous other lake-dwelling cryptids, as well as an important leap in biology in general.