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Newtown plans to demolish Lanza home

The Sandy Hook conspiracy continues to live on

Earlier today, the Newtown Legislative Council voted to tear down the Yogananda Street home where Adam Lanza lived with his mother Nancy, whom he allegedly murdered on the morning of December 14, 2012, before allegedly murdering 20 students and 6 educators at Sandy Hook Elementary School.

Yes, we say allegedly because, more than two years after the event, very few of the persistent questions involving Sandy Hook have been answered, while strange doings continue to take place in this otherwise sleepy and unimportant Connecticut town. For instance, the powers-that-be have yet to produce even one frame of video surveillance footage placing Lanza at the school on the morning of Dec. 14, nobody can explain why no one ever heard the shots that killed Nancy Lanza, why Sandy Hook hired fake teachers, or whatever happened to the girlfriend of Adam Lanza who was referred to by numerous media outlets on the morning of the shooting. No one has satisf…

Saint Brendan's Isle: Finally found after 1500 years!

JOTB Exclusive: Google Earth Clearly Shows Mysterious Phantom Island of Legend

Named after the famed 6th century Irish monastic saint and explorer, Saint Brendan's Isle has been "missing" since 512 A.D. However, Journal of the Bizarre believes that the phantom island has finally been found, thanks to Google Earth satellite images which clearly show a submerged landform located west of the Canary Islands that matches the legendary island's depiction on a map from the early 18th century.

This island is named after Saint Brendan the Navigator (484-577 A.D.) who claimed to have landed on it in, along with 14 monks, in 512. The party reportedly remained on the island for two weeks, unable to be rescued because of a thick mist which obscured the isle. According to an ancient monk named Barino, Saint Brendan's Isle was a heavily-forested, mountainous mass of land inhabited by exotic birds and beautiful flowers.

By the 13th century, however, most scholars doubted the exi…