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Historical evidence for an ancient race of giants in America

One of our favorite topics at Journal of the Bizarre is the theory that an ancient race of giants once inhabited the wilds of North America. Perhaps the most publicized archaeological discovery supporting the existence of a giant race occurred in Crawfordsville, Indiana, in 1892, when a team of researchers from Wabash College unearthed a mass grave containing twenty-five giant skeletons (read our story on the Crawfordsville giants here).

While modern mainstream archaeologists continue to scoff at the notion of an ancient tribe of prehistoric giants, we've collected numerous reports of similar finds throughout the United States. Were these discoveries nothing more than hoaxes? Or, as many of us believe, did an ancient tribe of giant humans really roam our nation's forests, valleys and mountains?

Have a look at the evidence and decide for yourself:

December 1856: West Wheeling, WV

June 1880: Muskingum County, Ohio

July 1880: Montague, New Jersey

December 1895: Sharon, Pennsylvania


The Lady in Black

When a black apparition appeared in Cleveland in the fall of 1899, death followed in its wake.

The following hair-raising story appeared in the December 3, 1899 edition of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch: