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Scientists achieve breakthrough in selective memory erasure: Could government brainwashing be right around the corner?

New research published in the journal Current Biology by neuroscientists from the Columbia University Medical Center and McGill University in Canada suggests that it may soon be possible to selectively erase a person's memory.

While some applaud this breakthrough as a potential way to treat anxiety, PTSD, drug addiction, dementia, Alzheimer's and other conditions, it also places within the government's grasp a mind control weapon so powerful that it makes the CIA's MKUltra experiments of the 60s and 70s seem quaint and primitive by comparison.

Researchers involved in the project were able to erase certain memories from neurons in sea slugs. By deactivating the proteins that have encoded memories in the brain, it was possible to make the slug "forget" whatever the researchers wanted it to forget.

Memories, formed at the places where electrical impulses pass back and forth between neurons (otherwise known as neural synapses), are apparently able to be permanently…

False Flag at Finsbury Park?

Another terrorist attack took place in London, this time targeting Muslims in Finsbury Park. Mainstream media outlets have reported that one man had died and 10 more were injured after 47-year-old Darren Osborne, a father of four from Cardiff, Wales, drove a white rented van onto the pavement, running over worshippers after late night Ramadan prayer at the Muslim Welfare House.

Metropolitan Police Commissioner Cressida Dick stated that the incident was “quite clearly an attack on Muslims," while Theresa May has also declared that the incident was a terror attack, adding that police responded to the incident within one minute.

Not long after news of the story broke, many conspiracy theorists insisted that the Finsbury Park attack was a hoax, an operation staged to flip the narrative and draw attention away from the fact that radical Islamists have killed 1,263 victims in the past 23 in dozens of attacks across the world.

One website,, pointed out several discrepa…

Vatican takes on group of rogue exorcists

The Vatican has launched an investigation into a Brazilian gang of rogue exorcists who call themselves the Heralds of the Gospel, according to a report from the UK'sDaily Mail.

The group believes that their former leader who died in 1995, Dr. Plinio Correa de Oliveira, has struck up a friendship with Satan in the afterlife, and now possesses the ability to cause climate change.

After a video was posted online in which members of the exorcism cult claim to have conversed with Satan and are planning to replace Pope Francis with one of their own, the Vatican's investigation team jumped into action.

In the video, one of the group's members reads from a transcript that supposedly details a conversation with Satan. The devil claims that an asteroid will crash into the Atlantic Ocean, wiping out all of North America.

The devil also allegedly stated (through a possessed individual) that the pope will die in a fall and, after his death, will be replaced by Monsignor João Scognamiglio…

The Ghost Cities of China

When Americans think of ghost towns, we invariably think of abandoned mining camps and Wild West tourist traps, complete with restored brothels and saloons. Unlike American ghost towns, the ghost towns (or ghost metropolises, to be more precise) of China often have less to do with the past than they do the future. These pre-fab cities boast towering skyscrapers where no one works, sprawling apartment complexes where no one lives, vast shopping malls where no one shops and miles of highways that are completely devoid of traffic.

At first glance, these eerily abandoned cities conjure thoughts of apocalypse or some Biblical rapture that whisked away millions of inhabitants without a trace. Or they bring to mind places like Theresienstadt, the Nazi concentration camp where the horrors of Jewish internment were disguised behind fake shops and cafés built to fool foreign Red Cross inspectors.

In reality, the numerous ghost cities of China have nothing to do with government propaganda or a ni…

Kinshiu Maru: The Suicide Ship of the Russo-Japanese War

On October 12, 1904, a bone-chilling story was reported by the crew of the schooner Gotoma after its arrival in San Francisco from the Kuril Islands. According to the ship's captain, Captain Macomber, the schooner was about forty miles southwest of Cape Curat on August 4 when the crew sighted a mass of floating wreckage.

Captain Macomber sailed his ship closer to the wreckage and recognized it as a Japanese troopship-- the ill-fated Kinshiu Maru, which was reported sunk by the Russians the previous April. The crew boarded the floating wreck and discovered, to their horror, a number of headless Japanese soldiers ensnared in the wreckage. How those unfortunate soldiers became decapitated was a naval mystery that captivated the world for several weeks.

Strangely, it was an unknown preacher from Novia Scotia who managed to solve the mystery.

Reverend William Rufus Foote was a Canadian living in Japan during the Russo-Japanese War, which was fought between 1904 and 1905. Rev. Foote learn…