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Annapolis Shooting: False Flag or Bizarre Coincidence?

Since many important details remain to be released, it would be foolish for anyone to declare that this afternoon's shooting at the offices of the Annapolis Capital Gazette in Maryland is a false flag event, devoid of any real injuries or fatalities.

However, it is quite interesting that on June 22-- a mere six days ago-- the city of Annapolis announced several street closures as part of an active shooter drill.

On June 21, Deb Pelt of reported that police departments would be holding an active assailant drill the following morning at the St.Mary's School campus on Duke of Gloucester Street. The article informed residents that Duke of Gloucester Street, from Green to Compromise Streets, will be shut down and all traffic detoured.

The report also stated:

Residents should be aware that real-life sights and sounds may be seen and heard along the periphery of the campus and a variety of emergency response vehicles will be in the area, authorities said.

Of course, it is worth…

Arizona Hauntings: The Ghost of Wilson Canyon

The following story comes from the March 28, 1914 edition of the Madison Journal:

Williams, Ariz.--  In Wilson Canyon, southeast of Williams, is an uncanny spot wherein horses shy and bolt from terrors heretofore invisible to the human eye. At least three wagons have been wrecked there by runaways that started without apparent cause. But at last a veritable ghost has been materialized on the unshaken testimony of two young residents of the locality, Wright Clark and "Tex" Ownby.

They say that on a recent Sunday evening about dusk they were riding down the Wilson canyon trail when their horses became frightened, snorting and prancing in terror. The boys looked to the right and saw, emerging from behind a juniper tree, the form of a man at least six feet in height, with long gray hair and beard, clad in buckskin and dragging an old-fashioned gun about as long as himself.

Boys and horses stood as though enchanted, while the apparition circled them noiselessly. The circle about co…