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General Guidelines

JOTB publishes nonfiction on a rolling basis. We welcome submissions from both emerging and established writers. 

As we do not publish in an issue format, there are no deadlines or reading periods for submissions. Please familiarize yourself with the following guidelines before submitting.

Nonfiction Guidelines:

JOTB seeks intriguing, well-researched, original content on the following topics: Paranormal and psychic phenomena, unsolved mysteries, unsolved murders, cryptozoology, parapsychology, ufology, strange history, legends and folklore, occultism, magic, astrology, witchcraft and conspiracy theory. All sources must be cited.

While we strive for authoritative analysis and solid historical and scientific research, we don't want articles that read like an academic paper. Your article should be engaging and conversational in tone.

We also accept personal stories pertaining to the paranormal, as well as book/film reviews and essays.

As to our current needs, we are especially interested in hearing from those who have extensive knowledge of witchcraft and astrology, as well as European legends and folklore.

For nonfiction articles, we pay a flat rate regardless of length, and ask for one year exclusive world electronic rights. Since our revenue is derived from adserving-- which, in turn, is based upon clicks and impressions-- our pay rate is based upon something we like to call "Contributor I.Q.", or "Influence Quotient". Quite simply, the greater your social media reach, the more we are willing to pay. Why? Because those are the rules.

For instance, a contributor with 10,000 legitimate Twitter followers may expect a flat rate of $20 per article ($2 per 1,000 followers), while a contributor with 150,000 Twitter followers can expect to earn $300 per article. Bear in mind that the operative word here is legitimate followers; we will not pay for bots and fake followers (and, yes, we do have software that allows us to audit Twitter and Instagram accounts). Although anyone is free to submit to JOTB, we cannot pay contributors with fewer than 1k verified social media followers. Contributors whose work we accept will be expected to promote their article(s) on social media, and payment will not be rendered until we see proof of promotion. All payments will be made via PayPal.

Important: All unsolicited submissions containing attachments will be deleted unread. Include your submission in the body of your email.

Submit your submission(s) to zendog64@gmail.com.

Fiction Guidelines:

We are currently closed to fiction submissions, although this may change in the future.